Loss of inbox mail

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Loss of inbox mail

Post by procarz » Sun Jul 17, 2016 10:26 am

Who is the administrator of vfemail? I need to have technical support. How is this done now? Yesterday I logged in and was able to find all my messages. Today my inbox was cleaned out. Why? I have some important messages that I need to respond to and I have not saved their address yet. Who can provide immediate assistance?

my email account: jt@mail-on.us

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Re: Loss of inbox mail

Post by Havokmon » Mon Aug 22, 2016 11:28 am

Hi. First, I do apologize for the issues you're experiencing.

The mailbox server is having performance issues. There is no data loss, but due to the reduction in performance, front-end systems may time out before completing a task. In short, if you have a big mailbox it may take longer to list the contents than the web interface will wait, and upon timeout it'll then display nothing.
Typically Logging out and Logging back in will restore the mailbox view as the data has now been cached.

I've been working on full active/active replication to alleviate load and reduce downtime, but unfortunately it hasn't been fruitful. Fortunately there is a slave server in place that we can switch over to, but it's 3 weeks out of date. Catching up will take a few days due to the performance issues, but we should be back to normal by this weekend.

Then we move on to a full system rebuild and re-test, and then a new approach to replication that should hopefully work better.
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